Vermont’s GMO Labeling Law Under Fire

Since Vermont’s GMO labeling law passed in 2014, a firestorm of controversy has surrounded it. Most recently, the GMA (Grocery Manufacturers Association) has asked a federal court to overturn this first-in-the-nation law, while making a case to a federal judge to support this request.

Vermont's GMO Labeling Law Under Fire

The GMA is challenging Vermont’s labeling law. Click pic for original photo.

“The GMA has been making arguments saying there’s no scientific basis for requiring this type of label,” said Kyle Landis-Marinello, an assistant attorney general assigned to represent Vermont in the case.

In response, lawyers for Vermont are now using that lawsuit to try to gain access to internal studies on GMOs done by Monsanto, DuPont and other corporations.

“Part of the normal legal process when you have this kind of litigation is we get to explore whether they can back that up or not,” Landis-Marinello stated.

Vermont is now seeking internal documents that might undermine the food industry’s claim there is no basis for this label.

Earlier this month, the state of Vermont asked a judge to force Monsanto, Dow, DuPont and other companies to produce any internal studies or research related to the health or environmental effects of genetically engineered foods.

However, these companies have raised objections to this request, though none have come right out and claimed the documents don’t exist. Although they say ample research is conducted before products with GMOs hit the store shelves, others disagree and want the companies to cough up the proof.

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