About Us

In late 2014, we launched The Walk a Mile Project, and exactly one year later, we launched the GMO Controversy Blog here at gmocontroversy.net.

We initially started this blog over at The Walk a Mile Project, but since highlighting news and articles from both sides of the controversy is a daily occurrence, we really didn’t want that taking up space on the site where we’re actually focused on solving the problem.  So it quickly became apparent that running both those on the same site was not a good idea.  And there you have it — the genesis of the GMO Controversy Blog.

So here at gmocontroversy.net, we document as much of the GMO controversy as we can, to help raise awareness and bring as many new people into the fold as we can.

Of course, the most important work we’re doing is over at The Walk a Mile Project, where we’re working diligently to actually resolve the GMO controversy itself.  Please make sure to visit that site as well.  CLICK HERE to head over to walkamileproject.com and learn how you can help us make a difference.