GMO Vitamin C is Rampant

When many of us look for a quick immunity boost, we turn to a little Vitamin C… but not so fast if you’re looking to avoid GMOs. Turns out, most vitamin C supplements in the U.S. are partially made from GMO corn.

Some experts tell us the most common supplements on the market today are filled with hidden toxins, despite the fact they’re marketed as being “pure” and, sometimes, “organic.”

One of those is vitamin C.

GMO Vitamin C in the U.S. is Rampant

Most vitamin C supplements in the U.S. contain GMOs. Click pic to view original photo.

This means many of the supplements sold at Whole Foods, the vitamins sold on, the pills at your local pharmacy, and especially the products at the grocery store are (nearly) all routinely made with genetically modified vitamin C. It’s typically called “ascorbic acid,” and nearly 100% of the ascorbic acid used in the natural products industry is derived from GMOs.

Interestingly, according to libertynewsonline, this “ascorbic acid,” is a synthetically manufactured chemical derived from glucose using a chemical process involving microorganisms, acetone – a dangerous solvent and sodium hypochlorite bleach.

Synthetic ascorbic acid does not have the same biological properties and therefore benefits as true vitamin C found for example in fruits, berries, vegetables and many other natural sources. In fact, some vitamin C supplements do little to protect you from winter colds and flu, and may actually be adverse to your health, because, again, they aren’t really vitamin C.

And finding non-GMO vitamin C probably requires a search outside the U.S. There is no existing supply chain of certified organic, non-GMO ascorbic acid available anywhere in America, according to libertynewsonline.

You can’t even run batches of non-GMO ascorbic acid production in the USA because all the facilities are contaminated with residues of GM corn.

So, for now at least, if you’re looking to avoid GMO ingredients, there may be better ways to beef up your immunity system than reaching for that vitamin C supplement.

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