Activist Robyn O’Brien Rips Senate Over GMO Labeling

On Monday, shortly after the Senate Agricultural Committee meeting to discuss GMO Labeling legislation, health activist Robyn O’Brien offered harsh words for the committee’s actions.  She said, over at —

“Today, the Senate Ag Committee voted to take away Americans right to know if their foods contain genetically engineered ingredients. They also voted to take away the rights of states that were trying to step in and label GMOs.”

Hostess GMO Label

A Hostess label from the UK. Click the pic for original image at

She pointedly asked if members of the Senate were completely unaware that American food companies like Hostess and Coca-Cola already label products overseas?  With the Senate wearing blinders pointing their eyes directly at an industry funded study published by the Corn Refiners Association (see link below), which suggests a $1000 per family cost increase in grocery bills if GMOs are labeled, Robyn countered with this —

“Food prices didn’t skyrocket. Families weren’t priced out of Twinkies, farmers didn’t go over because of the labeled Ding Dong, they simply added a few words ‘Derived from a genetically modified source.'”

Robyn then went on to note that 64 other countries currently label GMOs, accounting for approximately 60% of the world population.

For a full list of those 64 countries, and to view Robyn’s full response, visit:

And to view the Corn Refiners Association study, click here:

Author: gmocontroversy

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