Wales Says No to GMOs

The rest of the UK doesn’t want GMOs.

England stands alone, as Wales says no to GMOs.

The Welsh ban follows bans imposed by the Scottish and Northern Irish governments, leaving England as the only part of the UK in which GMOs can be grown.

In theory, GMO policy is supposedly agreed between the 4 governments or “competent authorities”, but Westminster has traditionally ignored the wishes of its three partners when it comes to GMO votes in Brussels. This has caused resentment. Now England finds itself isolated, and UK policy on GMOs is thrown into disarray.

Speaking for GM-Free Cymru, a community pressure group campaigning to keep Wales free of GMOs, Dr Brian John said: “This is great news, for which we have waited for 15 years since Wales was first threatened with the growing of GMO crops which nobody wants and nobody needs.”

How is it that most of Europe is refusing GMO crops, aside from England? ¬†Interesting how it seems the U.S. and England’s steadfast alliance extends into GMO acceptance.

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Author: renezimbelman

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