Top 10 GMO Benefits?

Top ten benefits of GMOs?   Regardless of what side you lean towards in the GMO controversy, it’s important to listen to both sides.  Think about these answers, and you’ll most likely find there’s a flip side to each as well. It’s back to Debate Team 101, but for now, let’s hear what claims are the Top 10 GMO benefits:

1. Helps Farmers in Developing Countries: Because GMOs can be created with specific traits, farmers in the developing world can access seeds that can succeed in their unique environment.

2. Helps Improve the Environment: The use of GMO seeds allow for farmers to practice no till agriculture. No till can help reduce water runoff and decrease soil erosion. 

3. Keeps Costs Down: Varieties that are insect and weed resistant cut down on the farmer’s insecticide and herbicide use while the higher yield characteristics means the farmer may not have to buy a large amount of seeds to get their desired results.

4. Food Grown in Different Lands: The seeds are infused with different genes that help them strive in different types of land, giving farmers the chance to feed those who rely on them.

5. More Food From Less Land: Some GMO characteristics include an increase in yield, so even a producer with a small parcel of land can raise a healthy and profitable crop.

6. Weed Resistance: The GMOs have the ability to be resistant to any herbicide the farmer may need to apply to protect the crops from the invasive weeds.

7. More Nutritious Food: Due to the careful research that goes into producing GMOs, some foods are able to be produced with more nutritional value in them. An example of this is what’s known as “Golden Rice”. 

8. Education and Research: The research results can help farmers fend off the latest pests and other diseases that may harm their crops.

9. Animal Production: It’s not just humans that are eating the crops that come from farmers, but many of the animals living on the farm do too. Some GMOs, when eaten by dairy cows, can help them produce more, high quality milk that dairy farmers are known for.

10. Insect Resistance: Having GMO crops available help keep the insects away and allows the farmer to use less insecticides on the fields. 

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