Russia Bans GMOs, Wants to Be Largest World Supplier of High-Quality Food

Vladimir Putin may not be liked for many reasons, but for those in the anti-GMO camp, his view on agriculture isn’t one of them. On September 18th, Putin opted against producing food products containing genetically modified organisms, and it seems there’s no looking back after the Russia GMO ban.

Russia could become the largest world supplier of ecologically clean and high-quality foodstuffs, President Vladimir Putin said Thursday.

“I believe it is necessary to set an aim of a national level, and by 2020 completely supply the inner market with home-grown foodstuffs by 2020,” Putin said.

Vladimir Putin is anti-GMO

Vladmir Putin wants Russia to be self-sustaining with foodstuffs. Original photo here:

With all the debate and obscurity surrounding GMOs, not having to deal with them in Russia certainly provides a simplicity we’ll never know in the States, and, at times, it does sound appealing.

But does Russia have the resources in place to support itself with homegrown foodstuffs?

Russia has recently increased the production of food. According to Russian Deputy Minister of Agriculture Evgeny Gromyko, the country’s agricultural sector is expected to increase its production by 2 percent in 2015.

While Vladimir Putin stands firm against GMOs, Russia will provide a giant case study for what avoiding GMOs can do to a food supply, and for better or worse, we’ll most certainly want to pay attention.

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