Phillippines GMO Controversy Heats Up Over Court Ruling

Early last week we reported on the Philippines Supreme Court decision to stop field tests for genetically modified organisms.  Then last Wednedsay, The National Academy of Science and Technology Philippines (NAST-PHL) expressed concern over the decision, worrying about its potential impact on food security and scientific research.

The NAST-PHL asked the court to review the decision, “in light of the issues and serious consequences it might cause.”  Apparently they feel that the court based its decision on unreliable information.

Phillippines GMO Controversy

GMO Backlash in the Phillippines. Original Photo:

NAST-PHL said the court’s conclusion that there was a lack of consensus on the safety of genetically modified crops was derived from a very limited literature survey and some from questionable sources.

The Academy also noted the information sources the court cited actually recommend “further research be conducted to assess the risks in the deployment of GM crops.”  By halting all field tests of Bt eggplant, however, the research, which might furnish answers to the safety questions regarding Bt eggplant, will no longer continue.  Sounds like a catch-22.

The group also said —

“It must be pointed out that this move, if not clarified, will have serious repercussions on the research and development activities especially in plant breeding as well as the flow of the supply of food and feed specifically those that are based on crops largely harvested from transgenic lines, like soybean and corn… The possible disruption in the supply chain may cause food security issues in the near future.”

And the plot thickens in the Phillippines GMO situation…

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