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I just finished reading an article stating Europe is importing more GMOs than we think. And just because they’ve rejected certain GMOs, it doesn’t mean the door is staying shut to new ones.

Now I read an article claiming over half of European Union countries are bailing out of GMO approvals. The constant spin in the media makes our own heads spin. Perhaps there’s a difference in outcome for the E.U. if they import GM foods rather than the seed.

In order to ensure that Europe is immune to outside influences potentially implicating its food security, the EU must also ensure that Europe is not dependent on outside regions for seeds.

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But according to Greenpeace’s E.U. food policy director, Franziska Achterberg, rejecting GM seed has more to do with safety concerns than the E.U. maintaining self-autonomy:

“A growing number of governments are rejecting the commission’s drive for GM crop approvals,” Achterberg said to the Guardian. “They don’t trust the E.U. safety assessments and are rightly taking action to protect their agriculture and food. The only way to restore trust in the E.U. system now is for the commission to hit the pause button on GM crop approvals and to urgently reform safety testing and the approval system.”

I think many agree on that point.  Regardless of whether GMOs are increasing in popularity or not, more testing and open communication are most certainly good things.

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