Hillary Clinton and GMOs — Speaking Up for Drought Resistant Seeds

Curious about Hillary Clinton and GMOs?

When I read Hillary Clinton hired a former Monsanto lobbyist and political fixer, Jerry Crawford, to run her 2016 campaign, it gave me pause. The article claims she’s pro-GMO and also claims she’s announced her support of glyphosate.

Yet, while listening to the clip of her speaking at the BIO Convention 2014, she doesn’t mention glyphosate. She talks of her work in Africa and speaks up for drought resistant seeds. The seeds helped feed more people and encouraged farmers to become self-sufficient.

Hilary Clinton and GMOs

Yes, I have a glass of glyphosate each day with breakfast…

Since GMO seeds are created to work specifically with Round Up Ready, I suppose this means she supports glyphosate too. But if glyphosate is destroying our health the way some research suggests, is there a possibility she can be persuaded to look at Round Up Ready research?  Considering Jerry Crawford is now running her campaign, it seems unlikely.

Jerry Crawford isn’t just a lobbyist for GMO support but a past employee or partner for companies and organizations that support them too. Yet, his most prominent client was Monsanto.

He also played a big hand in the 2010 Agriculture Secretary election, which was an election that showed Monsanto does not care about a person’s party allegiance as long as said person doesn’t oppose them. The reason why is because the election’s Democratic nominee Francis Thicke was a critic of Monsanto. Ergo, Monsanto showed major support for the Republican nominee Bill Northey. Crawford would then endorse Northey, touting his backing as evidence of “strong bipartisan support.” Crawford even said he was a “veteran Democratic political insider” to help push Northey. As a result, Northey won the election with a landslide 67 percent of the vote.
Now Jerry Crawford is helping Hillary Clinton and given his political history, Clinton now has a strong backing to win the Democratic vote. In the end, it comes down to the people and most likely, nobody in the Green Community will vote for her.

To be fair, it’s too soon to know her future opponent’s viewpoints on this issue, but we’re all curious to see what impact the GMO controversy may have on the upcoming electiom.  Time will tell…

To read this article, written by Jan Omega, and to hear the clip, (GMO seed discussion begins at 28:12) visit:

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