GMOs in Eggs?

According to the USDA, eggs are not a genetically modified or bioengineered food.  Even when a laying hen eats genetically engineered feed, the USDA claims any products unique to genetic engineering are destroyed by the hen’s digestive process. And The National Egg Board has several studies claiming this as well.

But there are those who aren’t convinced, including

We find these reports laughable when we see that adding a benign substance to the hens diet, like marigolds, passes straight through the hen to the egg, creating a much richer color in the yolks.  You are ingesting what the hen is fed.  Chickens do not have a magical digestive system that cancels out the bad stuff, leaving for you only the healthy stuff! If the hen is fed GMO feed, herbicides, pesticides and fungicides, so are you when you crack open an egg.

Eggs GMO-free?

Are GMOs in our eggs?

Then again there’s this, courtesy of Professor M. Monica Giusti, a poultry biologist at Ohio State.  Monica is one of the few people who have done research on soy isoflavones appearing in commercial egg yolks, and she designed lab tests to detect soy isoflavones.  In 2009 one of her students published a master’s thesis on the transfer of the soy protein into egg yolks and chicken tissue: Quantification of Soy Isoflavones in Commercial Eggs and Their Transfer from Poultry Feed into Eggs and Tissues.

The results showed that diet can be altered to modulate isoflavone content in hen eggs and tissues.

So if the soy is GMO soy, what does that say about the USDA and the National Egg Board’s take on what survives?

One important note, it’s only fair to mention that sells organic eggs, and they’re hoping to sway consumers to their product.  Still, all of this does make you wonder… GMOs in eggs?

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