Glyphosate – So Safe You Can Drink It (“Not Really”)!

One year ago, we launched The Walk a Mile Project, and for our one year encore, today we are launching the GMO Controversy Blog here at  We initially started this blog over at The Walk a Mile Project, but since highlighting news and articles from both sides of the controversy is a daily occurrence, we really didn’t want that taking up space on the site where we’re actually focused on solving the problem.  So it quickly became apparent that running both those on the same site was not a good idea.  We’ll mention this separately here on so that it’s crystal clear, but I really wanted to make a point of it in our very first post here, which, as you’ll see, is from one of the few GMO Controversy blog posts we ran over at

I picked this to launch the new blog for two reasons… First, it’s the most entertaining GMO-related video to date, because even though the subject matter is serious as cancer (perhaps literally), the way in which Patrick Moore backpedals on his own insane notion of drinking glyphosate is laugh-inducing every single time — it truly is a classic.  Let’s get to it.

You can read the entire post over at The Walk a Mile Project:


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