Former Costco Buyer Starts Organic Fast Food Chain

Earlier this month, a 95% Organic Fast Food chain opened its doors in Pleasanton, California.  The restaurant, called The Organic Coup, serves up a  signature fried chicken sandwich, and its menu features organic chicken, vegetables, breads, sides and yes, it’s true Chipotle, even sodas.  The Organic Coup is also is the first USDA certified organic fast food restaurant in the country.

It was founded by Erica Welton, a former buyer for Costco who created the concept while on the road a couple years back.

“We were always on-the-go and usually the best choice we had for food was Chipotle,” Welton told “They’ve done a really great job on the non-GMO front, but somebody needed to take it all the way.”

Organic Coup Fast Food

Cutting the ribbon and cookin’ up chicken

She also witnessed a shift at Costco, where she actually helped nudge the shift along herself.

Welton brought organic chicken to Costco and noticed a shift in consumer buying habits in the last four years of her time as a discount retailer.

She credits her Costco experience for helping her make the big jump to running her own business, but of course, it’s all about the food here, so the big question is — How do they make that fried chicken?

Their signature organic chicken breast… is fried in Nutiva coconut oil and served with a spicy organic vegetable slaw

High quality, healthier oils at a fast food restaurant!?  Love it!

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