Controversial Dr. Ayyadurai Challenges Monsanto

Dr. VA Shiva Ayyadurai, the entrepreneurial brains behind seven businesses has been in the news more recently for his views on GMO testing. And now, in the ongoing debate over the regulation of genetically modified foods, he’s offered a $10 million building to Monsanto if they can disprove his research about GMOs.

Dr. V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai challenges international GMO standards

Dr. V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai challenges Monsanto

“I wanted to get at the heart of this GMO issue,” said Ayyadurai. “It’s a huge controversy.”

Ayyaduraian, an MIT graduate, Fulbright scholar, and research scientist, conducted studies that showed scientific differences between modified and non-modified foods.

“The results demand immediate testing along with rigorous scientific standards to assure such testing is objective and replicable,” he says. 

If Monsanto can prove there is an international set of standards by which all genetically modified foods are measured, he will turn over a $10 million building.

Not surprisingly, Monsanto has refuted Ayyadurai’s findings.

“GM crops undergo safety assessments that are more rigorous and thorough than assessments of any other food crop in history,” the Monsanto spokeswoman said.

In his research, Ayyadurai criticized the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s policy toward GMOs, which he claims allow the food companies to create their own individual standards by which to measure and test their own products.

“The FDA doesn’t want to get involved,” he said.

An FDA spokeswoman responded to an inquiry about the agency’s role in GMO regulation by pointing to literature on its website that explains how it and other government agencies regulate the industry.

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