As Senate GMO Labeling Advances, Dems Push Alternative


In response to the 14-6 vote in the Senate, which advanced a GMO labeling bill that would block Vermont and any other state from enacting GMO labeling laws, US Senate Democrats submitted an alternative GMO labeling bill on Wednesday. The bill requires manufacturers to disclose the presence of GMOs to consumers, but also gives manufacturers multiple options for labeling products.

“Rather than blocking consumers’ access to information they want, the US Senate should move forward with a solution that works for business and consumers alike,” said Senator Jeff Merkley (D, Oregon) the lead sponsor of the bill which was introduced on Wednesday.

Senate Agriculture Committee GMO Labeling

Our government in action — the Senate Ag Committee right after moving the Anti GMO Labeling to the Senate’s upper chamber. Click the pic for original image.

The bill, introduced by Merkley and dubbed the Biotechnology Food Labeling and Uniformity Act, would make sure American consumers know if their food contains any genetically modified ingredients, simply by adding extra language to a product’s Nutrition Fact Panel.  Here are the choices:

A parenthesis to indicate the food is genetically modified; an asterisk with an explanation at the bottom of the ingredients list; the catchall phrase “produced with genetic engineering,” or the FDA would develop a symbol to disclosure the presence of GM ingredients.

Senator Merkley also added the following caveat —

“None of these options would require front panel disclosures or “warning” statements intending to disparage GM ingredients,”

In the past, these types of GMO Labeling bills are immediately squashed by both branches of government, so we’ll see if this brand new legislation gains any more traction than its predecessors.  A tense March on Capitol Hill continues…

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