Alaska Senator Blocks FDA Appointment Over GMO Salmon

Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski claims Dr. Robert Califf, the deputy commissioner of the FDA, wasn’t straightforward with her about GMO salmon. Murkowski comes from the major salmon-producing state of Alaska and has been adamantly opposed to GMO salmon. It was just two days before the FDA voted to approved GMO salmon that she spoke with him, and he did not reveal details to her of the impending approval.

Murkowski made it clear she is not happy with the FDA’s decision. According to The New York Times, “She said she would put a hold on Dr. Califf’s candidacy because the FDA approved a genetically engineered salmon for consumption days after she questioned him on the topic at his confirmation hearing in November.”

In addition, Senator Lisa Murkowski made certain that the Omnibus spending bill passed in December mandated genetically modified salmon be labeled before it is introduced into interstate commerce.

“I will not stand back and just watch these genetically engineered creatures be placed in our kitchens and on our tables without a fight,” she said in a statement following the after FDA’s approval of GMO salmon. “I am furious about this decision, but now I must do everything I can to make sure it is labeled—consumers have a right to know what it is they are eating.”

The senator said she wants to make sure FDA knows that “voluntarily labeling is not adequate.” She’ll be pushing for further conversations with Dr. Califf on this topic. She also tweeted: “I look forward to having conversations w/FDA on Frankenfish, but I intend to block Califf’s confirmation until these issues are resolved.”

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